Rental Property Video Tours Austin Texas

Rental Property Video Tours

Several months ago we discussed the recent addition of a Leasing Coordinator to our team. One of the Leasing Coordinator’s responsibilities is producing a digital video tour of a property once it is vacant. Video tours have quickly become the preferred viewing method of choice for potential renters. The best part of this new service is that we are providing this service to our clients at “no cost”.

Why video tours?

While still, photos provide an idea of the home, they cannot capture the property’s appeal. The best part of a video is that it gives a potential renter a more accurate view of the inside of the property, especially when it comes to the layout of the home. It allows people to see the depth of rooms, the width of hallways and other spaces, and also gives us a chance to narrate and highlight some of the properties great characteristics. Pictures definitely can’t do all that!

More efficient showings.

With Austin’s continued growth and traffic, traveling across town has become more and more time intensive. As discussed above, by providing potential tenants an avenue to get a real feel for the home and its layout, it saves them (and us) an unnecessary trip to a property. It is not uncommon for tenants to want to see a listing, only to not like the floor plan once they get there.

Appeal to more people in the market.

With a number of people moving to the Austin area, the video tour allows them to lease a property “sight unseen” and be more comfortable with their choice. It is much more desirable for new arrivals to have “buy-in” on a property they have leased than to have them move in and be unhappy for 12 months because the property isn't what they thought it was going to be. Some property management companies won't lease a property sight unseen. We see an opportunity! Our new video tour service is giving our properties more exposure to the leasing market than ever before. More exposure means shorter vacancy time and that helps our client's bottom line!

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