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Are you looking for an experienced and reputable management service company for your Pflugerville investment property? Look no further than the experts at Rollingwood Management Inc. !

Offering management services since 1986, Rollingwood Management has established itself as the go-to property management company in the area. We handle everything for our clients, from marketing and rent collection to tenant screening and property maintenance. With our services, property owners in Texas can enjoy the benefits of property leasing, hassle-free.

We are registered with several industry organizations such as the National Association of Realtors, the Texas Realtor’s Association, and the National Association of Residential Property Managers. These organizations provide the necessary training and research that we implement in our day-to-day operations.

If you’re looking for Pflugerville property management services get in touch with us today. Our team of Pflugerville property managers are looking forward to hearing from you!

Our Range of Property Management Services

As a trusted rental property management company in Pflugerville, Rollingwood Management Inc. offers a diverse number of management services. Here are just of few of our sought-after services:

Rent Collection and Pricing

Determine the proper rent to charge tenants is very important. If you charge too much then you’ll find that your rental stays vacant and on the market longer. However, if you undercharge tenants then you’re leaving money on the table.

pricing and collecting rent for your investment property

To determine the perfect price you must take the time to perform market research. However, if you lack the time or resources to do so, call upon the experts at Rollingwood Management Inc. Your Pflugerville property manager has the experience and research-backed information that will determine the right rental price.

For the collection of rent and other dues such as pet and/ or parking fees, we make use of online payment solutions. Such options are convenient for the tenants and reduce the risk of handling hard cash for both parties.

Tenant Screening Process

Over the decades, we have refined our process of screening tenants. Before we place a tenant on your premises, our property management team ensures that they are the best fit for your Pflugerville rental property. We want to ensure that you land a tenant who will make prompt and consistent rent payments, respect the terms of their rental agreement and take care of the property throughout their stay.

We will perform criminal background checks, and income and credit history checks. What’s more, you can rest assured that the screening process will be conducted following the Fair Housing Laws.

To give our landlords confidence in our tenant screening process, we offer a 180-day tenant lease guarantee. If the resident occupying the investment property, breaks the agreement between the first 180 days/ six months, our team will find you a new, qualified resident without charging you for another lease commission.

property owner clients

Eviction Management

Evicting a tenant is always a landlord's last resort but sometimes it’s necessary. Violation of the lease or rental agreement or county and State Laws are grounds for termination of the lease.

For the eviction process to be successful it must comply with the standards of Texas State Law. Rollingwood Management Inc. stays abreast of all relevant laws and guarantees that the eviction process will be handled professionally and legally.

Property Maintenance

A detailed annual property survey before the lease renewal of your property will allow us to make recommendations of what you should upgrade or renovate. This will make both the interior and exterior appealing to your tenants.

During the tenure of the lease, the team at Rollingwood Management Inc. will be responsible for the maintenance of your property. Property surveys will be carried out to detect any property defects before they manifest. Should an issue be found we will make use of our contacts with the best handymen and contractors in the area.

This allows the property to always be in a good condition which intern will protect your investment. What’s more, tenants will be more likely to renew their lease if they are happy with the state of the rental.

property maintenance requests and inspections

Lease Preparation and Administration

The lease agreement is the basis for the landlord-tenant relationship. It’s the contract that states the obligations that each party must meet. There are county, state, and federal laws that the lease agreement must adhere to. But you don’t have to worry about any of that when you partner with us!

We will handle everything in terms of both the preparation and administration of the lease. What’s more, before the tenant occupies the space, we make sure that the agreement is signed to avoid any legal complications in the future.

About Pflugerville, Texas

Pflugerville is located in Travis County in the state of Texas. It has seen steady population growth and currently has an estimated 61,737 residents.

Pflugerville’s appeal as a family-friendly neighborhood has been on the rise. It’s located north of Austin, away from the bustle of the bigger city, and offers more affordable prices than the big city. In terms of quality education for the young ones, Pflugerville is also highly rated.

The local council has gone to great lengths to revitalize the downtown area. It is now the go-to place for dining and entertainment. And while it has undergone significant changes, it still maintains its historic charm.

The area is always great for people who enjoy being active! There are great parks, volleyball courts, and biking and walking trails in the area.
- Source Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

In addition to Pflugerville, we proudly serve the following areas in Texas: Austin, Kyle , Round Rock, Rollingwood, West Lake Hills, Bee Cave, Lakeway, and Buda.