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Are you looking for a property management company in Round Rock, Texas? Call upon the experts at Rollingwood Management Inc. today!

Rollingwood Management Inc. has been offering quality management services since 1986. We are a locally owned, family business and consider ourselves part of the community. This means that we have a thorough understanding of the local market.

Our property managers have the industry knowledge and expertise to handle all your property management needs. From property advertising and tenant screening to repairs and inspections, our professional team will help you maximize your ROI while reducing your stress.

What makes us different from the competition is the fact that we focus only on residential property management. Our solutions and services will protect your investments and meet the demands of your tenants. Best of all, we offer quality solutions at competitive rates!

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Our Round Rock Property Management Services

As the leading property management service provider in the area, Rollingwood Management Inc. offers a wide range of services.

Here are just a few of the benefits property owners gain when they partner with us:

Tenant Screening and Selection

A vital service of property leasing is finding trustworthy tenants who can pay their rent on time, adhere to the terms of the rental agreement and maintain the space in a reasonable manner. A high-quality tenant plays a vital role in ensuring the success of your investment in Round Rock real estate.

tenant screening services in Texas

Rollingwood Management Inc. has a comprehensive tenant screening solution in place to land you qualified renters. Each prospective tenant will be requested to provide landlord references, personal and financial information. In addition, our team will perform independent credit history, employment, and criminal background checks.

We work hard to place the best tenant available in Round Rock. What’s more, you can rest easy knowing that our services adhere to the Fair Housing Laws.

Tenant Management

A major part of property management is listening to tenants and meeting their needs. Experienced property investors know that handling complaints can take up a lot of their time. That’s where our property management company comes in.

Our communication channels are open 24/7, even on holidays. If your tenant has an emergency situation, you can expect a member of our team to respond promptly. This level of care will allow you and your tenants to achieve peace of mind.

Rent Collection

Without the proper experience and market knowledge, it can be very hard for a property owner to set an appropriate rental rate. An ideal rental rate allows you to attract long-term tenants while ensuring that you maximize your ROI.

You can rely on our team to perform in-depth research of the area and recommend a suitable rental rate for your property. What’s more, we offer convenience and easy collection of rent, thanks to our online payment solutions.

rent collection in Round Rock, TX

We understand that rent collection can be a sensitive part of any management solution. That’s why we guarantee that the rent terms will be included in the lease agreement. If there are any missed or late payments, you can depend on us to enforce the penalties and fines.

Property Maintenance

The need for a well-maintained property cannot be over-emphasized. A property in good condition attracts long-term tenants who will help you grow your investment in Round Rock real estate.

Maintenance of your property is preceded by a comprehensive and thorough inspection of your property. Regular inspections allow our team to identify any defects early. All property issues will be handled by a local team of vetted and approved contractors and technicians.

With our inspection and maintenances services, you and your tenants can trust that the property will always be in good condition.

Tenant Evictions

While we have a comprehensive tenant screening solution in place, you can’t rule out the possibility of needing to evict someone. As your property manager, you can rely on us to handle the legal eviction process. Rollingwood Management Inc. guarantees you a hassle and worry-free real estate investment.

For an eviction to be considered legal, Texas’ rental and eviction laws must be followed to the letter. You can rely on us to meet these regulations and stay informed in case of changes to these laws.

About Round Rock, Texas

Round Rock is considered a prime location and is situated just a few miles north of Austin. Professionals working in the capital enjoy the more affordable amenities available within Round Rock.

Round Rock also sells itself as a family-friendly neighborhood. There are great public and private schooling options available in the area. Furthermore, the neighborhood has several park options for residents to while away the weekend.

The state of the area is also a great place for newcomers looking to relocate. The area of Round Rock offers a community feel that calls to you and makes you want to be a part of it. The charm in Round Rock is something that you will not experience anywhere else.

- Source Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

In addition to Round Rock, we are proud to serve the following areas in Texas: Austin, Pflugerville, Kyle, Rollingwood, West Lake Hills, Bee Cave, Lakeway, and Buda.