Welcome, Realtors®!

Realtors who work with us know they can trust us to be professional, treat them and their clients honestly, fairly and with respect. Since we are not a sales brokerage, your client is returned to you when they decide to sell.

Samples of our rental agreement, rental application, and rental forms are available here at Agent Forms.

If there is anything we can do to assist you in presenting a lease offer for your client, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our promises to the Realtors® we work with:

  • That the property you show will be clean, and in good condition
  • That you are treated thoughtfully, and with respect
  • That completed rental applications will be processed promptly
  • Your lease commission is paid promptly once the rental agreement is signed, and your invoice is received
  • That a client you refer to us for rental property management will be referred back to you when they sell (we only do property management)

$250.00 Realtor Referral Fee

Since 1986 the success of our business has been built on relationships of trust. If you are a Realtor, we can help you succeed in working with your real estate investor clients.

We respect your relationship with your client and will encourage them to get back with you when they decide to sell. Since we don't perform sales and only provide property management services, we are not in competition with you. You can feel comfortable that we will serve your clients with the highest level of professionalism and make you look good!

Once the client signs a management agreement and we lease the home, we will pay you a referral fee of $250.00.

Rental Property Management: If you have any questions about our Austin property management services, please feel free to call me personally so we can chat or email me.

Michael Francis, Broker/Owner