Tips for Tenants to Winterize

Tenant and Landlord Winterizing Tips

Tenant Responsibilities

There are several things that tenants can do to help get the property ready for winter.
While maintenance isn’t the most exciting winter task, the right planning can help to prevent mid-winter emergencies. And let’s face it; none of us want to be stuck with a leaking roof –or a broken heater, over Christmas! Also, refer to your lease agreement for your outlined responsibilities and tenant handbook.

Here are some tips for keeping your home in good shape all winter.

Test Run the Heater Now!
Before winter arrives, it’s a good idea to switch the heater on and run it to ensure it’s working. It’s better to discover early on that there’s a problem rather than waiting until winter –when it can be hard/impossible to find a technician.

Leave the Heat On
When the temperature goes down, keep the heat up. While you may be tempted to cut the heat if you’re going away over the holidays, it’s essential to leave the thermostat switched on –albeit on a lower setting, to help prevent the pipes from freezing and sustaining damage. It is suggested that you set your thermostat to 65 at a minimum! If it’s not working, don’t wait; fill out a maintenance request now!

Locate the Water Shut Off Valve
It’s also important to know where the water shut-off valve is located. If something happens, like a burst pipe, turning the valve off can help prevent costly water damage. And if you’re planning on going away, consider turning the water off in case of a pipe burst while you’re gone. Who wants to come home to that?

Help Prevent Frozen Pipes
During freezing temperatures, it’s a good idea to leave faucets dripping very slowly. The continual flow of water will help to prevent the pipes from freezing. Also, leave all cabinet doors open, so heat can get to the wall and help keep the wall warm where water pipes are located going to a sink. Pick up hose bib covers at the hardware store and cover "all" the hose bibs. If you don't, the faucet will freeze and break.

Stow Seasonal Items
You’ll also want to ensure that your outside items –patio furniture, flower pots, and hoses are safely stowed away for the winter. This will help to keep them from getting damaged or blown away during a storm.

Turn off Irrigation Systems
If you have an irrigation system, you want to avoid this going off in freezing weather; it will make a huge mess! Not to mention the possibility of broken pipes and wasted water.

If You're a Landlord
Contact your tenant(s) if you're a landlord and go through these items with them. Additionally, have the gutters cleaned, check the roof, trim back trees, have a Fall Check-Up on the HVAC system, and provide hose faucet covers for your residents.

As always, we are here to assist you in any way possible. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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