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Is the frustration of property management getting to you? Rely on the services of the region’s top property management company.

Established in 1986, Rollingwood Management Inc. is the family company landlords in Austin rely on to handle their property leasing needs. We deal with every aspect of property management, from advertisements and leasing the property to maintenance and repairs.

Our goal is to ensure that your rental property business runs smoothly. We work with you to ensure that your real estate investment is protected. When you partner with our team, you gain peace of mind and help maximize your ROI.

Our stellar reputation can be attributed to the quality of our team of property managers and their dedication to customer service. At Rollingwood Management Inc. you’ll work with experienced, professional, and well-qualified property experts.

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Our Range of Property Management Services

As a full-service property management company, Rollingwood Management Inc. offers several benefits to property owners. To give our clients an appreciation of our services, some of them have been described in detail below.

Setting Rental Rates and Collecting Rent

Rollingwood Management Inc. performs in-depth research to inform its clients on the best rental rate for their properties. The right rental rate determines how quickly your property will be occupied and how much passive income you gain.

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If you set a low rental rate, you won’t be maximizing your ROI and can even mind it difficult to meet some of your financial needs. A higher than average rental rate, on the other hand, only results in a high tenant turnover and vacancy periods.

Rent is the ‘life’ of your rental property. It’s what landlords use to pay for utilities, maintain the property in good condition, and pay their mortgage monthly. Our team of property managers guarantees prompt and full collection of rent to allow you to meet these needs.

In case of late payments and defaults, you can expect us to enforce the terms of the lease agreement. All fines and penalties will be paid accordingly.

Advertising Your Rental Property

Without an appropriate advertising and marketing solution, how are potential renters in Bee Cave supposed to know of the vacancies in your multi-rental property? Rely on the property experts to implement best industry practices to advertise your property.

Our experience in the property industry gives us the knowledge of the best advertising mediums to use depending on the type of property and target demographic. If your target market is younger, we post rental ads on listing sites and our different social media accounts. For the older generations, we use a mix of both orthodox and digital solutions to guarantee maximum reach.

Property marketing and tenant screening

Thoroughly Screening Prospective Tenants

As a landlord, you might feel the pressure to land tenants for your rental space and start bringing in some rent. However, it would help if you considered the quality and character of the tenant renting your space.

A problematic tenant is a potential financial and legal pitfall. Avoid such a scenario by relying on the tenant screening services of Rollingwood Management Inc. We will ensure that only the best tenant in Bee Cave rents out your space.

We have the tools, resources, and experience to develop a comprehensive tenant screening solution. Every potential tenant will undergo a criminal background check, credit, employment, income, and social security verification. We also request prior and current landlord references.

Inspecting and Maintaining Rentals

Our clients located in and around Austin can attest to our comprehensive maintenance solution. With Rollingwood Management Inc., you can rest easy knowing that your rental property will be in good condition all year long.

For each property in our portfolio, we design and implement an annual detailed survey that helps our property managers to identify defects early. There is also the issue of normal wear and tear vs. tenant negligence to be considered. During these surveys, we also take the opportunity to check whether the terms of the lease agreement are being adhered to. This survey is done before the lease is renewed and emailed to you for review.

Property maintenance and inspections

The information derived from the inspections is forwarded to our in-house handymen who carry out the repairs. For repairs on complex building systems such as the foundation, HVAC, and sewerage, we have a network of local professionals whose workmanship is unmatched in Bee Cave.

About Bee Cave, Texas

While Austin has grown significantly over the years, Bee Cave has gone to great lengths to maintain its charm as a small-town, community feel. Located some 17 miles from Austin, you can expect a change from the hustle and bustle of the city.

When it comes to housing options in Bee Cave, you can expect a mix of both old and newer options in the market. However, most housing options in the Austin suburb are single-family homes and custom-built estates.

Bee Cave is a target destination for young families and couples looking to settle down. Part of this can be attributed to the quality of schools in the area. Bee Cave is located in the well-performing and highly-rated Lake Travis Independent School District. Residents can also enjoy a multitude of outdoor amenities!
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Areas We Serve

In addition to Bee Cave, we proudly serve the following areas in Texas: Austin, Kyle, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Rollingwood, West Lake Hills, Lakeway, and Buda.