MY DEEPEST THANKS to you and your staff for your time, care and attention you gave me while I was with you. It is important to me to feel like I am not just living in a piece of property that doesn't matter to anyone, as long as I pay my rent. My experiences with the previous management company and owner made me feel that way. I finally feel like someone cares as much about my quality of living as I do.

S. Barnett | Austin

For nearly 17 years I lived in a property handled by Rollingwood Management, until the owner of the property sold it to another management company. I didn't realize just how good things were with Rollingwood until the new company took over. Over the years I had taken for granted simple things: like being able to reach my property manager by phone or e-mail, like getting a prompt response to maintenance requests, like receiving mail from the management company addressed to me by my name instead of 'Tenant'. Some very basic good manners and business practices that I had taken for granted, skills that apparently not every property manager in Austin has learned. So, after 17 years in a property I've loved living in, in a neighborhood I cherish, I'm moving. And where did I turn first to look for a new place? Thank you Rollingwood Management.

B. Bahan | Austin

"I cannot say enough good things about Rollingwood Management. In the last 18 years I had lived in 7 states and always rented. Not until I came to Austin, over two years ago, and found Rollingwood Management did I ever know what service was in regards to being a resident. The professionalism, response time, follow up and genuine caring of a tenant far surpasses anything I had experienced. Never before have I been called to ask if everything was working properly, but that is exactly what Rollingwood Management does. Everyone on the team is so service oriented and aims to please. If I ever owned a rental property I would have Rollingwood Management manage the property. I always recommend them to people looking for a property to lease! Personal service and genuine caring is not easy to find these days in looking for a rental property others should take a lesson from Rollingwood Management! Thank you Michael and all the rest - you indeed are 'The Best Serving the Best!'

M. Heagany | Westlake Hills

I loved renting from Rollingwood. I rented a tiny little cozy home in the 2004. The only reason I left was bc I got engaged and we needed to look for a larger place. I never had any issues at all. My fridge wasn't cooling properly once and it was literally fixed the next day by the time I got home. I was pretty amazed. I've never had a maintenance request taken care of so quickly. They even sent me a gift card during the holidays which made me feel valued and special. I'd highly recommend renting or buying from this company! I couldn't of asked for more from a landlord. I will miss the little house and enjoyed the year I spent there. Thank you Rollingwood!!!

Ashley A. | Austin - Yelp Review

I rented a home managed by Rollingwood for 1 year. After move-out, we received our security deposit less some significant items. We felt that these items were mostly unwarranted, and we posted a negative review on Yelp citing the deductions, and some past customer service issues. Within hours of posting the review, I received a phone call from the owner, Michael Francis. He was very professional and helpful, and he worked with us to resolve our issues. We were able to work through the security deposit deductions, and he addressed the customer service issues with his staff. Given the professionalism and haste with which Mr. Francis resolved our issues, we were glad to revise our prior review and rating. It reflects favorably on Rollingwood Management that they consider it so important to maintain a positive reputation in the market, and to resolve issues with former tenants.

Jason P. | Austin - Yelp Review

We decided to lease a home for our next stage in life and we were truly blessed to have Rollingwood Management as our "property manager". I am disabled and Diana Cuero (our property manager) has gone above and beyond the " call of duty" to make sure our maintenance requests are filled in a timely manner and getting approval, quickly, from owners. The entire staff is really incredible and Deborah Thornton has also done so much to help us and resolve issues quickly! This is an AMAZING team! Rollingwood Management, thank you, as clients we are beyond impressed with all and everything you do!

Kate Yarder | Google Review