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Steve P.
Austin, Texas

"The Rollingwood Property Management Team is intimately knowledgeable in all aspects of the business. They have a clear understanding of the market and strategies to optimize your property's utilization and care. We are impressed with the comprehensive services, long-standing relationships with trades, responsiveness and overall care that we enjoy in working with the team. They have been very accommodating to us and tenants. In short, they absolutely reduce the anxiety of renting and maintaining a home. We trust Rollingwood Property Management to manage three of our homes."     Google

Joe J
Mt. Baldy CA

"As an owner, I am completely satisfied with the Rollingwood's property management services. We live overseas, and we had previously managed our house personally since we were renting to friends. When they moved out, we were completely unprepared to manage this transition, so we started a remote search for a professional management service. After phone interviews with several companies, we hired Rollingwood, and that was the right decision. Within three weeks after signing our contract, Michael Francis and his team completely prepared our house (cleaning, painting, repairs, marketing), and had high-quality tenants moving in at the beginning of the next month. They even secured a higher rent after finding two competing tenants. Since then, they have removed any headaches regarding our house, and have managed all maintenance and repairs to our satisfaction. All of this was over the telephone and e-mail. Each year when we visit Austin, we have a chance to personally inspect our house, and we are always happy with the condition. I could recommend Rollingwood to any property owner needing care-free management services." Google

Marlene P
Champaign, Ill

"I have been completely happy and satisfied working with everyone at Rollingwood Management and can honestly say that I cannot think of one bad experience with them.  I have work with several different people in the past 12 years and have been completely happy with every one of them.  I've always been satisfied with the way the house has been properly maintained, the quality of the tenants, the attention to details by the property managers and their accounting practices.  I've also enjoyed your monthly publications and feel I have gained quite a bit of knowledge about the industry.  Feel free to add me to your list of referrals.  You have an organization and employees you certainly can be proud of."   Email

David M.
Kailua, HI

I hired Rollingwood Management to manage a property I own in Austin when I moved away. They have and still manage the property for me and do an excellent job. From a landlord's perspective, having timely information and reasonable costs are paramount to a good management company which these guys provide well. I have always been very happy with the contractors they've brought in to perform services and the rates, while not cheap, have always been reasonable.

Rollingwood found an excellent tenant for my property and was able to get the house fixed up to be rental worthy at a fair price. I feel they've done a great job over the past couple of years and I'll continue using them for the indefinite future. If you're a landlord and need a full-service management company, these guys are great.   - Yelp Review

Former Clients:

Adam F.
San Francisco, CA

"I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the great work you have done in managing my properties during the past three years. Your company has played a very important role in the operating success of my rental property in the Austin and Round Rock area. Your good work and contributions have been most beneficial allowing me to spend time on other activities."

"Once again, thank you for all the property management services you provided. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to other property owners. The fact that you can manage the properties aggressively and properly and not have to involve me in the day to day issues has made me a strong advocate of Rollingwood Management."

Sister J. Oldani
Treasurer, Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent DePaul

"The Daughters of Charity are very grateful to you and your staff for the excellent service you provided us in caring for our properties. This was a far more complex task than the normal managing of rental property. I will not hesitate to call you if we have other property needs in the Austin area and I would be happy to recommend your service to others."

Chris W.
Trustee, Harry E. W Family Trust

"As I close the files on my properties, I want to thank you and your staff for the excellent service you provided during the past six years. Your advice and management support was always honest and straightforward keeping both the owner’s and tenant’s views and needs in balance. I have appreciated your ability to handle the more difficult aspects of property management with such a high level of professionalism. I would be pleased to recommend you to anyone desiring high-quality professional property management services."

Eric J.
Walnut CA

"I hired Rollingwood to manage my condo over the past year, I just moved back in about a week ago.  Overall, they did an excellent job, here are some highlights:
1. Excellent communication. I've interacted with nearly everyone at the office and everyone who I spoke to promptly replies and is a pleasure to talk to. 
2. Detailed monthly report & reasonably priced maintenance expenses. Every month, they e-mailed a report with rent income and any maintenance expenses, which while rare, were always reasonably priced and promptly taken care of.
3. Great tenant.  Rollingwood took ~1 month to find a tenant, which was acceptable as I would rather have a quality tenant than rush the process and regret it later. They found someone who really took care of the place. I'm pretty sure my condo is in better condition now than when I left it.
I really have no complaints. Thanks Rollingwood!"

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