Second Home Management & Vacation Home Management

Second homeowners can now enjoy total peace of mind, knowing that their property is safe and secure while benefitting from our affordable and reliable services.

Have you wondered what the best way is to care for your other home while you’re living elsewhere? Despite power outages, extreme weather, and the normal effects of time, we can eliminate your fears about the ongoing upkeep and management of your valuable assets...while you're away.

Whether you call it your vacation home, second home, or "let's hang out in Austin" home, the last thing you want is worries about “what’s happening on my property?” "Is there a leaking water line?" "Is the yard being properly maintained?" "Are newspapers and flyers piled up on the porch?" "Is the heating and air conditioning operating properly?" and on.

Noticing a home disaster is easy . . . preventing one is extremely difficult, even for the experts. With Rollingwood Management on your team, an experienced property manager is looking after the home in a methodical and professional way to help ensure that disasters are avoided and your investment is well protected.

Periodic surveys that are emailed to you help mitigate the set of risks that are unique to this part of the country . . . like high winds, curious raccoons, high summer temperatures and humidity, torrential rain and potential vandalism. With Rollingwood Management’s complete "Second Home Management program”, owning and enjoying a second home has never been easier . . . so our clients tell us. For a breakdown of the different areas of your home that we will be surveying, visit our second home management services page.

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