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Realtor® Services

House 3Welcome, Realtors® Agents who work with us know they can trust us to be professional, treat them and their clients honestly, fairly and with respect.

Samples of our rental agreement, rental application, and rental forms are available here at Agent Forms.

If there is anything we can do to assist you in presenting a lease offer for your client, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our promises to the Realtors® we work with are:

  • That the property you show will be clean and in good condition
  • That you be treated thoughtfully and with respect
  • That complete rental applications will be processed promptly
  • Your lease commission is paid promptly once the rental agreement is signed and your invoice is received
  • That any client you refer to us for rental property management will be referred back to you when they sell

$250.00 Realtor Referral Fee

If you have a client you would like to refer to Rollingwood Management Inc. for property management services, visit our contact us page or call and let us know who you're referring.  This helps us to be better prepared for your client's call, thus helping the initial introduction go more smoothly.

Once the client signs a management agreement and we lease the home, we will send you a referral fee of $250.00!

We GUARANTEE to return the referred client back to the referring Realtor® when that referred client sells.

Rental Property Management:  If you have any questions about property management services, or would like to schedule an informational meeting in your office to discuss property management services, please feel free to email our Broker, Michael Francis.

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