Best Areas to Invest in Austin

Are you looking to invest in Austin, TX real estate? There are many benefits to buying Austin real estate investment properties in the area!

Austin is experiencing unprecedented growth in the real estate market. It has attracted major companies, especially in the tech industry. It’s even been compared to Silicon Valley. Given this positive perspective, Austin, TX, remains a top spot among the most liveable cities in the US.

When it comes to employment, the numbers are high compared to other cities in the country. Thus, more people choose Austin as a place of residence to take advantage of the various opportunities available here.

The continued progress of Austin in the rental market during the last decade has also given rise to the demand for housing. As a real estate investor interested in Austin investment property, you can target families and focus on buying single-family rental homes. It’s time to take this opportunity to invest in real estate investing since Austin real estate prices are also inching higher in tandem with the growth of the city.

In this article, we here at Rollingwood Management Inc. will discuss the excellent areas one can find in Austin. It will help you narrow down your selection for your next real estate investments. Becoming aware of which neighborhoods are thriving is the first step for real estate investors to succeed in investing in this part of Texas.


Best Austin Neighborhoods to Buy Real Estate


There’s no shortage of single-family homes in Pflugerville. It’s also a rental property type that’s high in demand. The interest level makes it possible that a vacant unit can be leased in less than a month with the right marketing strategies.

The best target market for your rental home in Pflugerville is families. This is a lucrative market for property owners since families tend to stay longer and are looking to settle in for a long-term in a neighborhood.

Another great selling point of Pflugerville is the excellent school system easily accessible here. Parents usually prioritize areas where superb education is within reach, making Pflugerville highly appealing.

Cedar Park

Cedar Park is also heavily populated by single-family homes. It provides residents with comfortable living environments and nice amenities. As a result, families are drawn to rent in this Austin area. Rental demand remains predictably high which means investors can start earning passive income quickly.

One of the best features in Cedar Park is the presence of the Metro Rail in Austin making Downtown Austin early accessible. Residents can also travel conveniently from Highway 183 to easily transfer to Austin for entertainment or work.

Those who own Austin investment properties can therefore aim to target families since Cedar Park also boasts top-rated schools.



If you’re a serious property investor, Leander would be on top of your list to consider as a real estate investment. Among all the neighborhoods in Austin, a Leander rental unit can, on average, be leased in the shortest period.

Similar to the above-mentioned areas, Leander is strongly composed of single-family homes with more than 3 bedrooms. Its target market is families. It also has an outstanding education system that parents trust and value for their kids’ future.

Families need not go far to enjoy the scenic areas in Leander. They can travel to nearby Lake Travis, Volente Beach, and the Oasis. A sense of high-quality living is therefore attainable for residents in Leander .


As the solid development of Austin builds up, one can see that progress also moves towards Georgetown. Property investors can choose to capitalize on this opportunity. Current rental owners have been able to keep vacancies short and can easily rent out their units for just 22 days.

Georgetown is generally composed of single-family homes where top-rated schools are available. The town exudes quiet charm with the convenience of the big city. Thus, it easily attracts families looking to have the best of both worlds in a place where they can settle in for a long time.



Situated in the eastern portion of Austin, Manor can be conveniently reached. The number of single-family homes remains high in this area. Its accessibility makes it attractive to people looking to move. It also has lower property prices so investors can take advantage of this when purchasing a rental here.

One can target families and retirees. The lower rents are certain to draw in this demographic. Golf courses are also plentiful making it appealing to retirees who have plenty of downtime to spend golfing. Since more development is predicted to spread to Manor, the level of interest and new occupants are expected to rise in the coming years as well.


Almost all properties in Hutto consist of single-family homes. As a property investor, it’s the best area if you’re looking to rent to families as tenants. Hutto is set to develop even more in the coming years. It’s natural to conclude that the demand for housing will undoubtedly continue to grow.

Hutto’s location is prime since it can access the north and south of Austin easily through highways. It also provides a strong sense of community and the cost of living is drastically lower here than in Austin. Renters looking for the most cost-effective rental price will go for Hutto.

In a Nutshell: Best Real Estate Markets in Austin

Austin, TX, is a city that has been on the map of real estate investors thanks to its strong economy, pleasant weather, enticing job market, natural outdoors, and high-quality educational institutions.

If you are looking to purchase an Austin real estate investment property, you may want to consider rental properties Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Leander, Georgetown, Manor, and Hutto.

For questions regarding Austin real estate investment properties and property management don’t hesitate to contact our team at Rollingwood Management Inc. today! Our real estate company is here to fulfill any of your investment property needs!

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