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Common Resident Questions

Rollingwood Management has put together a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) by our residents. This information may answer many of your concerns in advance. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question that is not listed.

When is my rent due, what are my payment options? Can I see my payment history and what I owe?

Rent is due on the 1st of each month, late fees will be incurred after 11:59PM on the 3rd day of the month. Late fees are $50.00 if paid on the 4th and $5.00 each day after the 4th.

Our office is open Monday throught Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM.  If the office is closed, please use our 24-hour drop box at the front door. However, we cannot be responsible for lost payments. 


We offer our residents the convenience of making their payment online and viewing the details of their account!  You can pay by ACH or by credit card.  If you choose to use the ACH function, it is free.  However, if you use the credit card option you will be notified that there is a processing fee charged by the credit card company.  Credit card use is optional, not required

Simply click Tenant Login in the menu at the top and find out more about this FREE service.

How do I get help for a maintenance problem?

As per your rental agreement, all maintenance requests must be in writing.  The only exception to this is a valid emergency as defined in your rental agreement and tenant handbook.  You may submit your request through our web site or by mail. However, the best route is to complete our online request form.  

How long should I wait to hear back from someone regarding a maintenance problem?

In a non-emergency situation, please allow two business days. If you have not heard from our office or one of our vendor in two business days, please contact our office for assistance. 

What do I do if I have a maintenance emergency?

We define an EMERGENCY as a situation which presents a health and safety danger to people or property.

There are few emergencies. However, should you have a maintenance emergency you can call our office 24 hours a day at 512.327.4451.  After hours, carefully follow the voice directory instructions under the option Maintenance Emergencies” (option 1 and then option 2).  If you have a valid emergency, someone will contact you as soon as possible to assist you. Stay by your phone and off the line. (Examples of emergencies are flooding, heater not working, fire, gas odors, etc.)

NOTE: Non-emergency calls to the after-hours system will result in a $75.00 admin charge to your account.  Review your rental contract and the Tenant Handbook for clarification.

For fire, medical, or natural disasters, call 911 first!

What am I responsible for maintaining at my home?

Residents are responsible for changing of the air conditioning/heating filters, filling water softener with salt, replacing smoke detector batteries and all remote control batteries (fan remotes, garageq door remotes,...) when needed.  You should change your smoke alarm batteries at least twice each year or more frequently as needed.  All light bulbs are also maintained by the residents.  In certain situations, proper yard maintenance and watering may be required by you. If you are not sure of your responsibilities as a resident, please refer to your rental lease, your resident handbook, or feel free to call us.

Do I need approval to paint or change something in the home I am renting?

Before you begin any changes or modifications to the property (inside or outside your home), you must talk to your property manager. Failure to do so is a violation of the lease agreement and could result in deductions from your security deposit.

Do I need renters insurance?

It is strongly recommended that all residents carry enough renters insurance to cover themselves and their personal property. The owner’s insurance only covers the structure; none of your personal belongings are covered. For example, if a water pipe were to break and flood your home, the owner’s insurance would only cover the damage to the structure and would not replace or repair any of your belongings. Please consult an insurance agent for specific details for this valuable coverage; typically the cost for renter's insurance is very affordable.

What happens if I need to move before the end of my lease?

Please refer to your copy of your residential lease agreement for information about your obligations under the lease. Contact your property manager as soon as possible to discuss this situation in detail before you break your lease. Breaking your lease will adversely affect your credit.

What do I do if I need to move out?

You are required by your lease agreement to provide a written 60-day notice to Rollingwood Management of your intent to vacate. You are also required to get a written confirmation of that notice back from us. Just sending your noticee is not enough.

Your notice to us must be delivered no later than the first day of the month. You can mail your notice, drop it off at our office, or fax it to us at 512.327.2299. Once we have approved your notice to vacate, you will be contacted by an agent from our office. The agent will walk the property, place a sign in the yard, and install a lockbox. The home will then be put on the market for potential applicants to view. Please review your lease for your obligations under the lease agreement concerning our ability to show the property.

What happens if one of our roommates wants to move out?

Contact your property manager for the necessary forms to request to remove a roommate from the lease agreement and/or have a new roommate added. Your property manager will discuss the lease re-write fee, as well as the procedures for handling the security deposit.

Does Rollingwood Management allow subleasing?

No, Rollingwood Management does not allow subletting under any circumstances.

Can I pay my rent online or set up automatic deductions from my bank account?

Yes! You can set-up an automatic payment and never again have to worry about slow mail or late payments. You do not even have to think about your payment; automatic (ACH) payments automatically deduct the current amounts due on the payment due date. The ACH payments will continue until you cancel it. All you need to do is set yourself up through your tenant portal, and you are all ready to go!

Can I have a satellite dish?

Yes, residents may install an exterior satellite dish. If you live in an HOA, it must be installed in accordance with the HOA’s Declaration and Covenants; no exceptions. This may require you to get permission from the HOA as well. The dish may not be installed on the roof or any other part of the structure. You must submit a written request to Rollingwood Management and sign an agreement prior to installing the dish.

You must then take responsibility for removing the dish and repairing any damage when you vacate.  If you leave the dish when you move out, you will be billed for the removal.  The cost can be over $250.00!

What is Rollingwood Management's policy on pest control?

Rollingwood Management does a one-time pest control treatment before you move in. Thereafter, under the terms of the Lease Agreement it is your obligation to perform pest control (unless the residence has termites or rodents) for the remainder of the lease term.

Why does Rollingwood Management want to see my home for a survey?

As the owner's agent, we are responsible for the condition of the property. By walking the property on an annual basis, we are monitoring the maintenance, care, and condition of the owner’s investment. According to the Iease agreement, it is our right to see the property, but we respect that this is your home. It is also nothing to fear. This is why Rollingwood Management contacts you first to set a date and time for our visit. You are welcome to be at home when we come, yet your attendance is not required.  This is a non-optional program

Will you accept a rent check from someone other than me?

No. Rent checks will only be accepted from those persons whose names are on the lease.

If there is a matter in dispute with the management company, can I withhold my rent until it is settled?

No. According to Texas law, you cannot withhold rent from the person to whom it is owed in order to influence matters under dispute. You also cannot deduct any amount from your rent, in cases where you have handled repairs or other matters by yourself