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Second Home Management Services

In addition to the value of having an experienced, residential property manager looking after your second home, we provide the following services:


  • 125 point property survey with photos is promptly emailed to you
  • Coordinate vendor services (during business hours)
  • Perform post-storm visits*
  • Receive, store and deliver packages to our office
  • Mail management
  • Opening and securing home for your service contractors and deliveries (during business hours)*
  • Point of contact for alarm company (we strongly suggest having one installed if not present)
  • Point of contact for Homeowner’s Association
  • Coordinate miscellaneous repairs of the interior and exterior of the home*


  • Check faucets for leaks
  • Check thermostat settings
  • Check for leaks under sinks
  • Flush toilets
  • Check all exterior doors and windows to make sure they're locked
  • Watch ceilings and windows for potential water leak issues
  • Adjust window blinds for sunlight prevention
  • Water houseplants
  • Verify all appliances excluding refrigerator(s) & freezer(s) are turned off
  • Verify refrigerator(s) & freezer(s) are cooling (if left on)
  • Observe for peculiar sounds or odors e.g. gas, mildew, spoiling food, etc...
  • Turn faucets on and off to fill drain traps and exercise valves
  • Look for signs of potential maintenance issues
  • Look for signs of insects or rodents present inside home


  • Check lawn services being provided (when performing survey)
  • Check pool services being provided (when performing survey)
  • Check maid services being provided (when performing survey)
  • Take garbage cans and recycling bins in and out (if needed)
  • Look for signs of insects or rodent intrusion points
  • Forced entry and vandalism check
  • Look for low limbs that may be touching the roof
  • Look for signs of potential maintenance issues
  • Look for signs of full gutters
  • Verify vehicles that may be left at the property in the survey
  • Remove flyers, mail or newspapers that may accumulate 

*Services performed other than a survey will be invoiced at hourly rate


This is the basic program.  Since no two homes or homeowners are the same, there may be other items you would like performed as well.  If so, we can discuss these with you to see if we can create the program that’s right for you.

A 12-month minimum period is required.

Our second home management program has a base rate of $150.00 per month plus $69.50 for each 125 point survey of the property and grounds that is immediately emailed.  A survey is allocated one hour, larger homes that require more than an hour to properly perform the survey will be billed in 30-minute increments thereafter.